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Sunday, October 21, 2007

the vag, tuesday 16/10/07

We were in Leysin this week and took a trip up to the Vag. As you can see the name is still there on the front, and down the side the door is still labelled 'bar'. If only!

Leysin still has an air of despondency about it, though nothing too desperate. Being October probably made it worse. We were the only guests in the Centrale Residence, La Lorraine was closed as were some of the other bars and shops. We did discover La Fromagerie which had a nice range of vegetarian food and a great atmosphere. The ice rink was the same as always - empty and great fun. The cog was closed all week for engineering work. And there was nowhere to go in the evening and meet real travellers.

Leysin badly needs the Vag back. I'm seriously considering setting up a charity to buy it and preserve it - any views on this?
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